Sep 28, 2021 • 16M

01 Jerry's Digest Podcast - "DAOs at a BBQ"

Your source for Crypto, Sports and all things Krause House DAO.

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Jerry's Digest Podcast - An overview of the Newstletter
Episode details

We’ve recorded a Podcast to go with the Jerry’s Digest Newsletter!

Our goal is to keep you up to date with Krause House DAO and Crypto x Sports news.

In this episode we cover:

  • What is a DAO?

  • Recap the T-Mac Season (#1) Kickoff

  • Rumble Kong Fund featuring an interview from the GM @jdcook

  • Crypto x Sports News

  • Jerry of the Week @beanie

  • Meme of the Week

  • Song of the Week

  • Featured Tweets: Shoutout to @WuCarra and @Silkeyj

  • A special shoutout from 1997/1998 Chicago Bulls Champion, Scott Burrell